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Lot's Wife / The Weeknd / Various Images 

Still taken from A Song of Love/Un Chant d Amor, dir. Jean Genet, 1950


"First of all, she had a name, and she had a history. She was Marah, and long before the breath of death's angel turned her to bitter dust, she had slipped from her mother's womb with remarkable ease, had moved in due time from infancy to womanhood with a manner of grace that came to be the sole blessing of her aging parents. She was beloved."

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Mod Poster Bed, via Converso and You Have Been Here Sometime

"And like most daughters who are beloved by a mother and a father, Marah moved about her city with unflinching compassion, tending to the dispossessed as if they were her own. And they became her own. In a city given to all species of excess, there were a great many in agony - abandoned men, abandoned women, abandoned children. Upon these she poured out her substance and her care."

Photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom, via The National Enquirer and hollywoodrag.com

Marc Handelman at Sikkema Jenkins & Co., via joshuaabelow.blogspot.com

Judith Beheading Holofernes, Caravaggio, 1598-99

"Her first taste of despair was at the directive of the messengers, who announced without apparent sentiment what was to come, and what was to be done. With surprising banality, they stood and spoke. One coughed dryly into his fist and would not meet her eyes. And one took a sip from the cup she offered before he handed it back and the two disappeared into the night."

Brutalist Lamp by José León Cerrillo, via Tell You Today

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Richard Artschwager at Carlson, via Contemporary Art Daily

Frank Majore, via Jason Cawood/eightiesart.tumblr.com

"Unlike her husband - coward and sycophant - the woman remained faithful unto death. For even as the man fled the horrors of a city's conflagration, outrunning Marah and both girls as they all rushed into the desert, the woman stopped. She looked ahead briefly to the flat expanse, seeing her tall daughters, whose strong legs and churning arms were taking them safely to the hills; she saw, farther ahead, the old man whom she had served and comforted for twenty years. In the impossible interval where she stood, Marah saw that she could not turn her back on even one doomed child of the city, but must turn her back instead upon the saved."

Lobby floor of the Pegasus Apartments by Kelly Wearstler, via diannvalentine.com

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Home on the grounds of the Spahn Movie ranch, home to the Manson family, via Google's Life Magazine archives; Samuel Steward's murphy bed, via cruiseorbecruised.tumblr.com

Still Life, Dean Sameshima, 2011, via cruiseorbecruised.tumblr.com